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Whether you’re looking for intensive rehabilitation to help you recover after surgery, an accident, cardiac event or stroke or are seeking longer-term, skilled nursing care, our dedicated team offers a wide continuum of healthcare services that balance the celebration of life with compassionate care.  We understand that finding a center that meets your personal needs is extremely important and feeling comfortable and safe in a healing environment is the best way to recover.  At our center, we believe in helping people live better by providing quality care with dignity and respect, while enhancing the lives of each individual.  We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have related to the services listed below.

Healthcare Management
Short-Term Care
Traditional/Long-Term Care
Post-Operative Care
Respiratory Services
Infusion Therapies
Comprehensive Wound Care Therapies
Palliative Care Services
Renal Disease Services
Cancer Recovery Services
Digestive Disease Support

Support Services
Patient and Resident Advocacy
Clinical and Financial Resource Assistance
Patient, Family and Caregiver Education
Care Transition Planning and Support 

Life Enhancement Specialty Services
With increased training and education for all team members, our center is proud to offer the following Life Enhancement Specialty programs, designed to enhance the lives of both those individuals requiring post-acute care or those who may be struggling with a chronic disease.

  • Honoring Traditions – Emphasizing the importance of empowering patients, this resident-directed care program allows residents to make decisions about their daily routines.  By focusing on the preferences of each individual, thus increasing resident autonomy, we help to not only improve healthcare outcomes and quality of life, but build self-esteem and maintain dignity.  Employees receive additional training in providing care that is flexible and consistent assignment of caregivers helps to further relationships between residents, family members and staff.
  • The Cove - Active Life Transitions (ALT) – The Cove at Bremerton offers patients an innovative approach to care in an environment of relaxation and pampering. Focusing on returning patients home safely with strength and confidence, The Cove provides personalized rehabilitation plans with state-of-the-art therapy and rehabilitation services. Patients enjoy concierge services enhancing the comfort and pleasure of their stay and indulge in a culinary experience provided by our private chef.
  • Congestive Heart Failure – Our comprehensive heart failure program is designed to help patients make the most of every day by lessening symptoms, slowing the disease progression and decreasing the need for future hospitalizations. With specially trained clinical and rehabilitation teams, we create and implement personalized care plans that include monitoring of medications to assess their effectiveness, dietary modifications fit to the patients’ needs and desires, creation of appropriate exercise plans and suggestions of necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Palliative Care – Our end of life care program focuses on providing comfort and maintaining quality of life for those with a terminal illness or advanced stages of a chronic, debilitating condition. Maintaining the resident’s dignity and providing emotional and spiritual support for the resident and their family members is an integral part of the care provided.  Extendicare’s holistic approach includes pain management services and careful attention to overall well-being. 

ProStep Innovative Therapy & Rehabilitation
A subsidiary of Extendicare Health Services, Inc., ProStep Rehabilitation prides itself on revolutionizing post-acute therapy, by providing comprehensive rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy.  ProStep strives to motivate each resident, guiding them through the recovery process and facilitating their return to activities that are meaningful to them.  Therapists not only provide technical skill and expertise, but offer inspiration and support through individualized and progressive care.
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Welcome Program & Caring Partners
We understand a transition into a nursing center can be unsettling, whether coming from an acute-care setting or the community, and strive to make it as smooth as possible.  Through our Welcome Program and Caring Partners, our team provides assistance with immediate needs upon entering the center including assistance with admission paperwork, a tour of the center and an introduction of department leaders and other center staff.  A welcome gift is also provided to encourage ease and relaxation and your Caring Partner provides regular visits to answer any questions and discuss your preferences or needs.

Recovery Track
Helping patients understand their recovery – motivating them to achieve long-term wellness, our Recovery Track is a personalized rehabilitation plan that provides patients and their families a visual representation outlining the path of each individual’s recovery process, identifying goals and objectives that need to be accomplished.  Designed by our team of healthcare professionals, this evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach incorporates clinical and rehabilitative modalities, equipment, and resources, all focused on achieving optimal results. 

Extend to Home
To help instill confidence that health and well-being will be maintained after discharge from our center, our Extend to Home program provides a home wellness plan that includes regular follow-up with patients to assist in a smooth transition home and/or offer additional assistance after discharge.  During a patient’s stay, therapists provide training and tips on how to continue the rehabilitation and strengthening process at home and nurses give instruction on how to successfully manage any ongoing medical needs.  Our staff also educates patients on community resources, as well as other safety considerations.

Be Our Guest Enhanced Dining
Focusing on culture change and customer satisfaction, this newly designed service model provides attractive meals, delivered by courteous staff in a pleasant dining environment.  Encouraging resident choice, Be Our Guest strives to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for each individual, regardless of their health condition or physical limitations – helping to improve nutritional intake and clinical outcomes.  As part of this program, our staff offers personal choices as to the time and location of meals, as well as catering to the individual food preferences of each resident, offering additional menu selections and a café menu that features “favorite” items.

  • Gold Platter Award Winner – Awarded this honor in 2013, our center takes dining to the next level with restaurant-style dining and point-of-service menu selections.  Our staff has received culinary and hospitality skills training to deliver quality meals in an atmosphere that caters to resident choice.
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